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Client Speak

Shrinath Pal

I was suffering from varicose veins since last 10 years and I was working in east Africa. I visited India for treatment of varicose veins. I visited Dr Rohit in Medanta Lucknow. He explained me about the disease and treatment... And I was admitted for the treatment and he did rf ablation and discharged me after the procedure... I was very much relieved of my symptoms and the cost of treatment was also affordable

Rashshad Rasheed

Extremely talented, soft spoken, highly appreciated the kind of treatment given by Dr. Rohit to me. I went for varicose veins surgery in my leg. It all went well under his expert supervision. Highly recommended.

P. N. Gupta

Extremely talented in his field, dedicated, soft spoken and arguably one-of-the-best in his expertize i.e. EVS/IR. We went for varicose veins surgery in the legs, my wife was suffering since ages. Don’t even remember, how many super-specialists(?) she has visited in all these years. It all went well under his expert supervision. Equally good, caring and supportive was staff of Chandan Hospital. 7 stars (if allowed). BOTH (Doc + Hosp) Highly recommended. God bless all.

Neena Srivastava

Doctor takes very good care of the patient, personally helps them. And whenever patient needs help telephonically he is always ready to help.. Highly recommend the doctor

Sudhir Rai

Very knowledgeable and dedicated doctor. Soft spoken and a kind hearted human being. Most importantly, someone who knows his job.

Mahesh Agrawal

Dr. Rohit Agarwal I salute to your dedication & perseverance, You are the best endovascular Surgeon & interventional radiologist in Lucknow, you are deep diving into the cases, you take the ownership & doing your best...,all the very best , God bless you always healthy & happy life.

Arjumand Jahan

One of the best name in intervention radiology with expertise in vascular and non vascular interventions. Extremely dedicated ,soft spoken and kind hearted doctor..

Rashmi Srivastava

Dr Rohit ji given A new life in KGMU after hands up gastro surgeons we are very thankful for new life for PTBD and open my CBD by interventional method when gastro medicine department attempt was fail one of the best IR surgeon.

Lavkush Shukla

My mother was suffering from jaundice sir advised me 4 billary stenting and finally he has done great job with his best effort....results r good. best doctor in lucknow..vry Dedicated to his patient .. Thankyou sir..

Subodh Srivastava

Best Interventional radiologist one stop all solution humble good experience friendly nature and interaction with patient my best exp with dr Rohit Agarwal past in KGMU present in Chandan Hospital Lucknow no need go to sir gangaram or medanta Dr Rohit is best of all

Uday S. Singh

Excellent intervention radiologist and equally nice person..Very empathetic..Highly skilled in opening blocked fistula and treating varicose veins

Jagmohan Parashar

Dr Rohit Agarwal In my knowledge one of the best Interventional Radiologist in Lucknow 100% success result and soft spoken helpful.

Rajkumar Chaudhary,

Dr Rohit one of the best endovascular surgeon and interventional radiologist friendly nature with patient deep experience

Tanya Dikshit

an extremely skillful, knowledgeable and kind hearted doctor (radiologist) a visit is recommended to all those in the need for vascular and non vascular interventional care .